Web based threats are becoming increasingly malicious and sophisticated every day.

The timing couldnít be worse, as more companies are adopting cloud-based infrastructure and moving their enterprise applications online. In order to make the move securely, distributed defense strategies based on cloud-based security solutions should be considered.

Join Akamai and a panel of leading specialists for a discussion that delves into ITís current and future security threats. This in-depth conversation covers the trends that are spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt amongst the corporate IT security community.

Topics include web application security, vulnerabilities, threats and mitigation/defense strategies, and tactics. Get real-life experiences and unique perspectives on the escalating requirements for Internet security from three diverse companies: Cisco, Whitehat, and Akamai.

What we discussed:

Individual perspectives on the magnitude and direction of threats, especially to Web Applications
Options for addressing these challenges in the near term, and long term implications for how enterprises will respond
Methods to adopt and best practices to fortify application security in the cloud

Event: Cloud Based Security Services: Saving Cloud Computing Users from Evil-Doers

Took place on: March 31st
On-demand Access

Security Specialists
Jeremiah Grossman
Founder and CTO, WhiteHat Security
Chris Hoff
Director of Cloud & Virtualization Solutions
Cisco Solutions
Andy Ellis
Sr. Director of Information Security and Chief Security Architect,
Host & Moderator
Dana Gardner
& Principal Analyst,
Interarbor Solutions Inc.

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