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Digitally Speaking puts speaker presentations online, both live and on-demand, in a secure, cross-platform and cost-effective manner. It is a transparent experience for the speakers, engaging and robust for the end-users and with little overhead for organizers.

There is a space bigger than the conference room, and an audience larger than your attendee list. Now there's a way to reach it.

You focus on the content, we'll extend its reach.

  • high quality, full desktop capture
  • truly cross-platform (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • global delivery
  • full service, from on site encoding to tracking
Conference Organizer
Expand your audience beyond the room
Add value for your audience
Increase your revenues
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Corporate Communication
Improve the impact of your internal and external communications
Reach people everywhere and anytime
Brand your communication
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A/V Production Firm
Extend your service offering
Make your services more critical, by helping your customers to better leverage their video content.
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